Keisha Morgan

Army Spc. Keisha M. Morgan, 25, Washington, D.C., died [February 22] in Baghdad of a non-combat related cause; assigned to the Division Special Troops Battalion, 4th Infantry Division, Fort Hood, Texas.

Army Spc. Keisha Morgan

Yet again, the Army is sweeping the mysterious death of a female soldier under the rug. Keisha’s mother, Diana, (who is a friend of mine) has been told that the Army “doesn’t know” how Keisha died. Keisha’s best friend, Ruby, found her on the floor of their Baghdad barracks, having a seizure, but responsive. She died, according to WTOP news, “a short time later.”

Diana says that she spoke to Keisha less than a week before she died. Keisha was a 25-year-old in the peak of health who had just reenlisted (excited to be going “from green to gold”) and was as happy as she had ever been. She was engaged to a wonderful young man working as a civilian contractor in Iraq. He was visiting family in (IRRC) Puerto Rico when she died. He was interrogated for about four hours. I hope that was just information gathering abouther friends, routine, etc., but I’m not sanguine about that.

In spite of almost a month’s time and two autopsies, Keisha’s cause of death is still “unknown.” Her fiance and mother wanted to have an independent autopsy performed but were informed by the Army that her brain and heart had been removed because of the ongoing “investigation,” so another autopsy would be pointless. Am I the only one who finds that the teensiest bit suspect? If they suspected drugs or epilepsy or anything else innocuous, wouldn’t they just say so?

Also, Diana has been told that, in its infinite wisdom, the Army has a regulation that in the event of the death of a soldier whose parents are divorced, said soldier’s possessions go to the older of the two parents. In Keisha’s case that would be her father. The rub is that he abandoned his wife and his two children when Keisha was four. He saw her once again when she was five, at which time he dropped by his former mother-in-law’s house and asked to speak to the children on the front porch. Five minutes later, all three were gone. They were found at Mr. Morgan’s mother’s house. Had Diana pressed kidnapping charges, her ex would have been in deep kimchee. As she is an extremely kind and lovely woman, she didn’t. In the following years, he avoided paying child support to the tune of $150,000, while Diana and her family have eked by. He is suspected of having been successful in avoiding being found by stealing the identities of two men with his name who had died in childhood. His trial for those thefts is pending, and yet, the military is still determined to send all of Keisha’s personal effects (those that they haven’t lost, like two gold necklaces, that is) to him, rather than to her mother, who raised her. Fortuanately, Diana’s congressman stepped in and overruled the Army regs, but she still hasn’t seen her daughter’s things and the Army is still fighting the decision because, of course, regs are infinitely more important than the fact that Keisha was known to have hated the man who abandoned her and to adore her mother.

So, US Army WTP is going on?


I spoke with Diana this morning. There is apparently still no official cause of death, but Maryland State Congressman Chris Van Holland (D) stepped in and ensured that Diana received Keisha’s personal effects. The last of them arrived this week. She will also apparently be receiving all of the back years’ child support with interest and penalties. Given that her ex has been making approximately $200k/year, it’s a shame she wasn’t able to re-negotiate the child support amount, but she’s happy to be getting anything. Not, of course, that it will make up for the loss of her daughter.

24 Responses to “Keisha Morgan”

  1. Stacy Says:

    i know that i am probably months late on commenting..I knew Keisha Morgan..She was supposed to be my “battle-Buddy” while we were in Basic Training together..i regret that we didnt become closer because she seems like a wonderful woman…unfortunately the drama of living with 100 other females pushed her into a different room and me without a battle buddy..since learning about her death about a week ago..i have been reading blogs and other articles about “non-combat” deaths…i am no longer a soldier having been discharged shortly after training but i married a military man so i know the lingo..non-combat death meaning that a soldier died in a circumstance other than an attack by an insurgent..i.e suicides, illness, and other vague reasoning…i find that my interest has certainly been peaked about this subject..i read an article written by Ann Wright about deaths of female soldiers in The War on Terrorism…(i have posted this article in a blog on numbers are startling..she does mention Keisha in the article only saying that her death is under investigation but is yet another explained away i do not wish to pry..i have just looked for published information as to what may have been the outcome of her death..but still have come to no avail in finding any conclusion…Although Keisha and I werent exactly what you would call friends..I am still very sad to hear of her death…I hope that the issue of her death is concluded…but most of all that it is concluded truthfully..we shall no longer stand by and let our government/military give us half-truths..all the luck in finding out what really happened to her…

  2. kate217 Says:

    Stacy, thanks for stopping in. I don’t think that the Army has come to an official conclusion about Keisha’s cause of death, almost three months later. I, too, hope that the truth is revealed, but the cynic in me doubts that it ever will. Thanks for heads up about the Ann Wright article. I’ll definitely check it out.

  3. Stacy Says:

    your very welcome..and i am very sorry to hear that still after so many months, her family has not been told of the reasons why their lively healthy soldier passed. I am very much the cynic myself, so I feel that maybe we will never know. But I am most sad for her mother, i am a mother of 2 myself and should my children (god forbid) have passed leaving me with so many questions i am not sure i could handle it. She is obviously a strong woman. My best to you and all of Keisha’s family.

  4. Ann Says:

    This is retired Colonel Ann Wright. My understanding is that the Army has now classified Keisha’s death as a suicide. I would like to get in touch with Diana Morgan to talk with her about her daughter’s death. The father and mother of Lavena Johnson will be in Washington, Dc July 16-20 to lobby Congress to have the Army reopen the investigation into the death of their daughter. If Diana would like, we could meet and compare notes on how the Army has handled the cases.

    My article “Is the Army covering up the rape and murder of women soldiers?” in on and

    Kate, could you email directly?



  5. Emily Says:

    Hello everyone.

    I am a former electrical engineer/boot camp instructor, and now I am a veteran who specializes in performance art and technology studies. My master’s thesis is all about women who are dying in Iraq and Afghanistan. On my website is a snippet of one performance, Tomb of the Known. I have a pretty comprehensive list of material on every woman and would be happy to share notes/url’s and data that I have gathered for two years. As I am sure you all have surmised, SOMETHING very strange is going on.

    Time will definitely tell.
    If either of you care to contact, I can be reached at

  6. Beth Says:

    I had a friend who died of “non-combat” related death…an accidental shooting at Ft. Jackson.

    With more than two hundred soldiers there who witnessed the incident…I still do not know exactly what happened.

    My heart goes out to his family who lost their son, and still don’t understand why.

  7. Tiffany Wright Says:

    Is anyone doing a story on my friend Seteria Brown. Died in Afghanistan on the 25 of July 2008. The army says it was suicide. That is not true. please check out her story.

  8. Jane Says:

    I was just thinking about Keisha and wondering if there was an update on her cause of death. Anyone find out? I used to model with her and was shocked to learn of her death. I was really shocked to learn that she was in Iraq. She told me she would run to Canada before going to Iraq. She was in beauty school and joined the army b/c her family didn’t have the money to pay for college 😦 which makes me very upset hearing about her dad. Had he done his part she would still be living today.

  9. Joan Brooker Says:

    Hi Kate: I also left an e-mail on ‘About’. I am a documentary filmmaker and have just completed a film about the ‘suicide’ of PFC LaVena Johnson. (, I have been working with Colonel Ann Wright on other suspicious noncombat deaths and would very much like to talk with Ms. Morgan, if she is willing. My number is 917.846.7213.

    Thanks so much Joan Brooker-Marks

  10. Kanela Says:

    I know I am very late but I am hoping and praying that this subject hasn’t died yet. I knew Keisha personally. We were Soldiers in the same unit and I can assure you that she did NOT commit suicide. Keisha had a lot of things to look forward to in her life. I was told that they gave her some medicines because she was having allergies and the medicines gave her an allergic reaction. Please keep looking into her death. The Army (as usual) is trying to cover something up!!!

  11. D.a.g Says:

    A tragedy of the death of this woman is enough; however, the rouse of the U.S. Army position regarding the return of this soldier’s personal possession’s, while hastily excising vital organs. This speaks to a vampirious methodology being heaped onto class segment of American society that is the most vulnerable.

  12. Gerri Shaw Says:

    God watch over our children in this US Military keep our daughters safe and healthy from the crown of their heads to the soles of their feet from the sick and demonic individuals that would do them harm, In Jesus name, Moms keep praying, and if you have lost a child or loved one under suspicious and ridiculous findings dont give up searching for the truth, Vengeance is mines saith the Lord, I will repay.

  13. Roxana Says:

    I am Roxana Anderson I knew Morgan very well. This is so sad and I know she would never commit suicide and I hope that her mom gets resolution one day because it is not right. I love and miss Morgan daily. There was so much I wanted to do with her. We were unseperable for almost two years. She went to another unit and I got married and we werent as close as before. When I found out about her, I was pregnant and all I could think of was telling my buddy. It was like a knife stabbing me in the back. My heart goes out to her whole family especially her mom.

  14. Melissa Says:

    Hi, I was never really close to Keisha, but I knew her on a personal basis and interacted daily, we were also in the same unit and I was one of the first people to arrive at her room when her roommate (one of my best friends) came frantically knocking on every door on the row. Keisha was lying down on the floor of her room, having to what seemed to be a seizure, she was semi-conscious and could move her pinkie finger. I went to the aid station where they took her and was by her roommate’s side the entire time. They said that she had died of a suicide. From my understanding, they claimed that she was on antidepressants and was taking other medications for acne and that mixing them caused a very adverse reaction causing her to pass. I hope that her mother finds peace and what ever the real reason may be of the cause of her death. I cannot express how deeply saddened I am because of her death and being by her side while she was passing. She was a very dedicated Soldier and she is deeply missed.

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  16. Spc. Keisha Morgan’s heart and brain removed by Army? | My Journey and Healing from Miiltary Sexual Trauma and PTSD Says:

    […] In spite of almost a month’s time and two autopsies, Keisha’s cause of death is still “unknown.” Her fiance and mother wanted to have an independent autopsy performed but were informed by the Army that her brain and heart had been removed because of the ongoing “investigation,” so another autopsy would be pointless. Am I the only one who finds that the teensiest bit suspect? If they suspected drugs or epilepsy or anything else innocuous, wouldn’t they just say so? go here for the rest […]

  17. "Fallen" Soldiers: Unsolved Death Cases of Black Women in the Military - Madness & Reality Says:

    […] this Songs from a Wooden Tongue blog, it reports that the army still doesn’t know how Morgan died: Yet again, the Army is […]

  18. Pat Akinyombo Says:

    Does anyone know how to get in touch with Ann Wright? If you do pls email me at

  19. Pat Akinyombo Says:

    What happened to LaVena Johnson is especially heinous and I suspect very high level involvement in her rape and murder. Our military is full of predatory rapist who use power and authority to destroy lives.

  20. Pat Akinyombo Says:

    What has become of efforts by LaVena Johnson’s parents to reopen her case?

  21. laura Says:

    Him ive been blogging and writing about non-combat related deaths on my blog on fb daughtersofvietnamvets

  22. Christopher Ross Says:

    Good morning, my name is SGT Christopher Ross. As of recent, I’ve been doing research on the horrific amount of cases like this in the US military .. specifically the Army. The gravity of this request may be heavy, but I’d like to get in contact with Ms. Diana Morgan if at all possible. This is some years later .. but I have to try. Thank you for any assistance.

  23. Vernon Says:

    I was SPC Morgans Supervisor in the 4ID Official Mail Room, I’m just hearing about the suspicion of foul play after seeing Morgans picture on the Lavena Johnson documentary. The ony thing I know is SPC Morgan was initially deemed non-deployable, because of a medical condition, she told me she had to sign a waiver in order to deploy, she did not want to stay back on rear detachment because everyone she knew, which she called her family were deploying. Now I’m curious as to what actually happened.

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